Photo by The Fresh Walk

Inspiring awe in a toddler isn’t all that hard to do.  They see the world through a magical sense of wonder.  As an adult, I find it harder and harder to experience an awe-inspiring moment. It was a privilege to experience more than a few of those moments at The Observation Deck at CEB Tower.

This hidden gem won’t be hidden for long.

We had the honor of an invitation to the Observation Deck, and I chose to visit on my hubby’s 45th birthday.  I knew it would be the perfect place to celebrate.  Guess what?  I was right!

The anticipation-filled elevator ride into the sky opens onto a beautifully designed circular observation deck bathed in gorgeous light streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows.  My eyes immediately surveyed the view out across Arlington, VA.  I had to internally scold myself for not giving 100% of my attention to the incredibly friendly docent explaining the highlights of the experience.

The view is worth the price of admission, period.  Still, while you are there, you can circle around the floor and interact with the screens at each stop.  Each massive window pane has an accompanying screen that provides information about the featured view from that window.  And, you’ll be asked a question as part of the fun crowd-sourcing effort that updates live throughout the day.  

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